Experienced System Designer

Embedded IQ has over 15 years' experience in embedded software and hardware design, and has developed designs from concept into world class products. At Embedded IQ we can manage the complete system, from FPGA and Board Support Packages through to middle-ware and end-user software.

In the competitive markets, off-shore production has become a necessity, and at Embedded IQ we have first hand experience of this process for both low and medium volume production.

Over the years, Embedded IQ has worked on many real-time systems including real-time Arm processors, low-power micro-controllers, and embedded MIPS processors. Embedded IQ will can work with many programming languages and operating systems, including RTOS, Linux, VxWorks and Windows to get the very best from each platform.

Similarly, Embedded IQ can work with many different languages to ensure the fastest time to market, and the most efficient use of time.

Air-traffic Control Tower

Key Skills

  • Over 15 years' experience in embedded software and hardware design
  • Specialist in systems, real-time embedded software and hardware design
  • Experienced in all stages of the product design life cycle
  • Diverse portfolio of technology leading projects


Embedded IQ was formed to provide professional services for clients worldwide. Embedded IQ Ltd is registered in England and Wales, Company No: 6916791. VAT No: GB 972 1650 17